Purpose of the course

The purpose of this course is to teach people to become skilled riders, instructors and trainers who can help each individual horse to guide it and teach it to a better, healthier and more powerful version of itself and help the students in doing the same. With the help of theoretical and practical studies, knowledge, skill and understanding will be gained in areas of biomechanics, physiology and natural medicine but also in the psychology of the horses.

The focus of the course will always be the wellbeing of the horse. First the horse, than everyone else. The Equus Universalis philosophy always starts from a win win point of view. Win for the horse and win for the rider.

Every student will be educated to become a classical rider and trainer, who has the knowledge and skill to analyze and solve problems of a horse. Through thorough practical guidance students will be offered tools and methods to solve most of the mental or physical problems with horses and so help horses to develop in a healthy and fine way.

Students can choose between 4 courses:

  • Riding instructor (classical dressage under the saddle and in hand)
  • Rehabiliation trainer (trainer that heals horses through groundwork, movement therapy and mental care, additional qualifications in horse therapies/healthcare needed)
  • Children’s instructor (instructor will train ponies in hand so that children can learn the correct way of riding from the very beginning)
  • Groundwork instructor (with focus on dressage in hand at a higher level, but also liberty work)

Graduated students can with these courses work as part time or full time instructor or trainer of eventually with additional courses as coach or therapist. One can also start working at an equestrian business.

(Mahatma Gandhi)