Equus Universalis

Equus Universalis’ main purpose is to enhance the wellbeing of horses. We want to achieve this by positive horse keeping and training, developing the whole nature of the horse in many different ways.

By providing knowledge in many areas of how horses can be healthy and happy, a whole new world opens for the horses and their owners. The knowledge about correct training (riding and groundwork) behaviour, biomechanics and natural treatments will be provided by the instructors during the course at Equus Universalis. In particular the training fun for the horse is unique at Equus Universalis.

S: "Are you actually just saying that you have the impression that you have learned more technically in the 2 driving lessons you have had from me than in the past 8 years...?"
C: "You are really the first to talk about how I should go with the horse's movements and how I can relax it through my actions. Either there are very few good teachers or I have never come across them."

"Josepha, You are a bright star in a dark sky! Thank you for demonstrating the epitome of what is classical and the most noble qualities in man! You are proof to all that training without force is entirely possible and I hope you continue to speak out everywhere for the sake of the horse! Yours truly,"

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