Classical Riding School

Since 2016 Sandy van den Goorbergh, Director of the Equus Universalis School, and some other instructors of the school follow 6 intensive training lessons per year from Bereiter Helmut Oberhauser from the famous Riding School in Vienna, Austria.

Bereiter Oberhauser therefore travels 3 times a year to the Netherlands (near the German/Belgian border). If you are interested in participating in a clinic or want to join as spectator then just send us a message.

Sandy van den Goorgergh and the Equus Universalis School are specialized in solving mental and physical problems with horses. Through the Equus Universalis method horses are coached from counter collection back to the basics so to be able to start the real art of classical dressage.

Our extensive knowledge of the horse language, body language and biomechanics is added to the 450 year old pure art of riding and experience from the best riding school in the world, the Spanish Riding School.

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