The goal of the lessons is to obtain collection in hand as well as under saddle and the practical biomechanics which are associated with it. Motivating horses to want to collect themselves is the key towards this goal.

The goal of the lessons is to understand contra-collection versus horizontal balance and biomechanics of the horse accordingly. We will provide you with the tools to help horses revalidate and rehabilitate of movement disorders and mental problems. Equus Universalis trainers have helped many ‘hopeless’ and ‘incurable’ horses to become healthy and function normally again. In addition there is a unique transfer of knowledge about how to help traumatized horses to overcome these traumas and become happy again.

If you choose this graduation you will need to own at least one additional applied horse therapy for example osteopathy, aromatherapy, flower essences, massage, behavioral studies and so on. This does not have to be finished before starting the rehabilitation trainer course, however before receiving the Equus Universalis graduation degree.

The goal of the lessons is to school horses and ponys in hand so children can be taught riding in a very high quality way under your ‘hands on’ guidance. After all: children are the future!

The dressage in hand & groundwork instructor specializes during the course in dressage in hand and work at liberty. The goal is to teach people dressage in hand untill piaffe. Preceding this you will learn sidegaits and other important dressage exercises in walk as well as trot and canter. Also work at liberty and specialized lunging are part of the skills of the graduated dressage in hand instructor. The dressage in hand instructor does not ride during the course.

It is also a possibility to take additional private lessons (if necessary) and graduate in 2, 3 or even 4 specializations.

The course will take 2 years. In these 2 years you will come to the Netherlands (Schinnen) 4 times, 4 days. These days will contain theory as well as practice. The focus is on the practical lessons, as you need to study the related theory before and in between your visits to the Netherlands. In between the clusters of schooldays you need to make homework and you will receive online guidance for example by video coaching, whatsapp calls and e-mail.  You do not need to take your own horse, we have school horses available at the course location. However at home you need a horse to practice with.


At the end of the first as well as the second school year there is a theory exam which will be done online. A theory exam will take about 3 hours.

The first as well as the second year will finish with a practical exam which will be done either at the location in the Netherlands or by video. The practical exam of the second year (final graduation) will be assessed not only by the school director but also by a third party to make sure the procedure goes right and the examinee is judged correctly.

Group size
The maximum amount of people per class is 5, to make sure everyone can be supported intensively.

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After reading the website or even following lessons with a certified Equus Universalis instructor, you became enthusiastic and you are considering following the course. If you are interested to signing up please apply for a free and non-binding intake interview by sending an e-mail to or whatsapp us.
The intake interview involves a personal conversation (at our location in the Netherlands or by videocall) in which you can ask all further questions.

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