Admission requirements

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Admission requirements

The students must be at least 17 years of age before starting the education. It is not imperative to have worked as an instructor but it is an advantage.

Required experience

To be able to attend the courses you need to have some knowledge about riding. Being able of riding in walk, trot and canter and riding figures in a dressage arena. Independent seat on the horse, not counteracting with the movement of the horse and soft hand guidance.

Furthermore you need to have a certain attitude towards horses. We are looking for people that are willing to work for the wellbeing of horses and humans, with energy and passion. A thirst for knowledge and a humble attitude are of importance. Eventually you will be part of a group of professionals, working hard every day, to teach people and horses to psychologically and physically rehabilitate horses and thus contribute to making a change in society for all horses now and in the future. Do you feel you want to be part of this and do you meet the requirements? Make an appointment for an intake interview via or whatsapp +31 6 19852050.

I do not meet the requirements. What then?

In that case we advise you, if possible, to take lessons with the nearest Equus Universalis instructor. If there is no instructor near you can contact us for online guidance.

If you do not own a horse

No problem look in your neighborhood for horses and owners that allow you to train with their horse. He (She) who seeks will find. Many people are very happy if an instructor trainee works and trains their horses for free. In the meantime you can start building your own network. If you do own one or more horses it is still good to look for more horses to train with, then you will have much more useful experience with many different horses.

Intake Interview

After having made an appointment the interview will take place at the Equus Universalis location or via a whatsapp video call.  We will check if you have enough basic knowledge and experience to participate in the course. But also we will see if you fit in the concept and philosophy of Equus Universalis it is to say..'.are you cut out of the right wood'. During this interview you will of course have the opportunity to ask all the questions you want to ask. We can also make an appointment for a (online) trial lesson. If you want an intake interview or subscribe for the course then please send an email to or leave a message via whatsapp +31 6 19 85 20 50.



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