What is Equus Universalis

What is Equus Universalis ?

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Equus Universalis® is an overall concept (anno 2006) to make horses healthy and happy.
Equus Universalis stands for a completely developed horse, physically and mentally.
All Equus Universalis instructors have a broad experience in horse training, - wellbeing and -health. So they offer each individual  horse exactly what is needed to develop the horse as optimally as possible in every way.
Through the intelligence of the horse, the motivating of its thinking ability and initiative, we stimulate it to become an active part of its training and development.
The purpose of Equus Universalis training is  the total health and happiness of the horse and  ultimately maximum fun, pleasure and safety of the rider and the horse. 
The horses brain is the most important factor in the training and the horse will work together with the trainer to improve itself , no matter what the purpose or the problem is.
All Equus Universalis horses are soon addicted to this training method and frequently ask for it!

Our team consist of over 40 people; trainers, instructors and therapists, coaches, dentists and veterinarians, all of them who have immersed themselves in the 2 year course in the link between correct biomechanical training and training of a willing horse.

Equus Universalis is for every horse no matter age or problem. We can always help your horse.

"A healthy mind in a healthy body"  are not just words. A horse can only be happy if it is motivated and only motivated horses move their body in a healthy way.

Josepha Guillaume

Josepha Guillaume with the 24 year old Kinsky horse Owen during a training session at
the Spanish Riding School with rider Helmut Oberhausen in 2016.
This is the proof that a young very sick and broken horse with Equus Universalis method, 
can start a career as Riding Horse at an age where most sport horses are
already given up and considered old and worn ou




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