Anne Binnendijk

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My intake at Equus Universalis was a real relief. During my education Animal care I followed elective courses concerning horse care, many questions arose in my mind. I could not see what was explained to me, pictures of tense horses that were, according to my teachers, " relaxed"   and when I asked questions I was answered " you can just see it".
Me being an eager to learn person was not satisfied with this answer and therefore I started looking for solutions and found Equus Universalis. Finally I had found someone who could explain things to me so I could understand and also answer all my questions. If there were still unanswered questions I was coached in finding the answers so that my hunger for knowledge was satisfied.

Learning about the creature horse...not just as a riding horse but as an individual creature is fantastic. If one looks at the total picture, problems can easier be found and solved. I was looking for a friendly and understanding method to work with horses, understand actions and reactions and this is what I learned at Equus Universalis. Finally I learned to help horses in a way that I had always wanted to, and thus also help their riders/owners.

Following this course was not easy for me, I had just had a difficult time and came out of a full time study and I was not sure if I could cope with a course, so far away  without possessing a car..but where there is a will there is a way! During and after the course I also went through a process of personal growth, I felt more self confident and followed my own feeling when working with horses. All this eventually resulted in having my own horse, a horse that I would have never been able to train in a good way without the Equus Universalis method. Each time we train I learn from her and together we grow and if on some days it does not really work well, then I do not get frustrated or angry but just look forward to the following training even if the hurdle is high and difficult. Sometimes also we take one step back and look for another path. Cooperation is the key and is a beautiful experience.

I am proud to be a Equus Universalis Instructor, someone who listens to the horse and tries to help, I hope to help grow many more people and horses.


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