Sanne De Rooij

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Following the Equus Universalis courses were 2 special years. 2 years in which I learned a lot about myself and have developed myself. The first year we learned the basics and did dressage in hand that I had already practiced a little and what made the most fun. I worked with a young Haflinger who dragged his hindlegs. But he had also some other quirks. He quickly got mad which resulted in bucking and biting during training. This behavior resulted from self-doubt. Our connection was good and we understood each other and so this behavior slowly disappeared. After many training hours of dressage in hand,  he got better and better.
At the end of the first year we moved to riding and my choice and  specialization in treating traumatized horses. I did not ride often and at the end of the first year I decided that I did not want to ride anymore. How to tell this ? Would I have to stop this course ? Thankfully I was understood well and could continue the course and I decided to specialize in treating traumatized horses and children's instructor. In the meantime I had also done a mindfulness training and I found that this was a match made in heaven both for the children as well as for the traumatized horses. Teach children and horses to stand in their own strength.

Equus Universalis showed me that following your own feeling is the best thing you can do for yourself and the horses."


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