Evi Vanhulst

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Evi, who lives in Haasrode, Belgium says:

The Belgian warmblood mare Kreta and the Equus Universalis Courses crossed my path at the same time. Kreta was out of balance, crooked and not at all muscled. She was heavy and difficult to train. She did not know haunches in and just ran away, galloping and difficult to stop. When I started training her, I did not know the Equus Universalis method yet. Together we started the adventure.  I learned, Kreta learned, Kreta learned and I learned.

The lessons inspired me to learn more about correct biomechanical training, train the right muscles in the right way and so keep the horse healthy at any age. Watching television was past tense, it was replaced by watching video clips about horses, instructors, exercises, going to Equus Universalis training, studying and trying.

My hunger for more knowledge brought me to Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. I met people with the same passion. Everything  I learned, I tried to share with Kreta but she did not always understand me, I heard her thinking  " what do you mean?"  . There were hurdles on my path and circumstances were not always ideal.  Swollen legs and difficult trails sometimes stood in our way and I am not the owner of Kreta. Nevertheless we continued. where there is a will...there is a way.  It works, ...it does not work...and finally ..yes it works.

2 years have passed and Kreta and I  have made good progress. Kreta is muscled, stronger in her backhand and more balanced. She looks good. She is easy to ride in all sidegaits and gallop, just like a real horse.



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